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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Potato Chip Moratorium

Recently, I have been binging on potato chips and dip (cheese dip, onion dip, no dip). Binging is a nice word for what I've been doing. Anywho, I finished off some last week and just felt sick. Not sick, like I'm a bad person, but sick like - wow, I am eating way to much of this. It needs to stop.

So, I wrote it in  my journal to my counselor. And I told my guy. Now, I'm telling ya'll. This way I know I'm accountable. No more chips until after May 1. No exceptions. I'm determined to break the cycle. It's on my calendar - that's how serious I am.

Six weeks, no chips.

Then last night, I had a dream I was eating potato chips and I felt really bad about it. Weird, right? I feel like the chips have a little too much influence if I'm dreaming about them. Just made me more determined. "Take that chips! Your Machiavelli plan back-fired."

My gummy bear addiction may need to be addressed next, but moderation in all things - even moratoriums. I can hear my gummy bears crying, "That's crazy talk, Clancy! Come back from the ledge." It's okay gummy bears, I'm not doing anything drastic. Yet. (Maybe never  - my heart is kind of on board with the gummy bears. Just saying.)

Anyone else having food issues?

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