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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Animated Movies Galore

I'm visiting my grandson right now friends and so this is about my current viewing trend - mostly, but not exclusively, the animated film. My grandson is sick right now, so less up to playing and rampaging the house than laying around watching movies which I am watching with him. And I will refrain from gushing about how completely adorable he is in my completely biased opinion.

Disney and Don Bluth and other have made a wealth of really great films that not only children like, but adults (I will broadly include myself here) can enjoy too. And as a disclaimer - I am liberally using adverbs today!

Anyone remember Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version? Great songs, beautiful scenery and utterly charming. It also had Robby Benson as the Beast - awesome. My daughter loved it when she was little and I was reminded much I enjoyed it too. How about Anastasia? A Don Bluth I think. John Cusack, Meg Ryan, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lloyd, and Hank Azaria in the voice cast -Wow....and it it also has fabulous songs and gorgeous animation.

My son's favorite was Free Willy - a complete tear-jerker but also a really great non-animated movie. My grandson seems enchanted with the whale and as it has been almost fifteen years since I had to watch it four times daily for months on end I am also finding it a good watch once again. A new favorite... of mine.... is Chicken Little. Could this movie be any cuter? I don't think so. Another amazing voice cast - Zach Braff, Gary Marshall, Don Knotts, Steve Zahn, Joan Cusack and so many more - and the songs. The songs make you want to sing along (so I was singing - it's not that bad). Songs by The Barenaked Ladies and Patti LaBelle...it's really that good. I own it for me and had to buy it for the grandson and now we watch every time I visit. If you haven't seen it yet - what are you waiting for?

Overall, if you still have any of those old (or new) "kids" movies laying around, I say pop one in and remind yourself of how good they are no matter your age.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

On Writing and "Shutter Island" and Larry Brooks

Friends, today we are digressing slightly from the norm. This is not exactly about Shutter Island the book or movie. It isn't even about the structure of the story by Dennis Lehane as deconstructed by Larry Brooks on his website, storyfix.com (if you write or aspire to write - StoryFix is a must read). I guess it's really about the benefit of deconstruction in general and specifically as done by Larry Brooks.

First, let me begin by saying that I think Larry Brooks is a genius (or at least a really, super smart guy). I've just learned a ton about writing, structure and other writerly things due to his blog.

He recently, as in just finished it in the last couple days, a series of posts deconstructing Shutter Island. I think I have a fairly analytical mind, but I aspire to his level of skill in breaking apart a story. I am getting better at it as I read more of his deconstructions and deconstruct more stories for myself, but I still have a long way to go. As a writing tool, deconstruction is brilliant. I can't even read a book now without looking for the four structure parts, the plot and pinch points, it's really changed how I read. I want to see what the published authors are doing at the specific points in their stories that transition the four structure parts from one to the next.

Before Larry, I had never actively, consciously, thought about the parts of the story as he puts forth: the set-up, the response, the attack, and the resolution. And that each of these has a specific goal or mission to accomplish had sort of passed right by me as well. Now, they do not. I watch for them, I notice them, I appreciate them more when they are done well, and I'm excited by my new found recognition of them because they are improving my writing tremendously.

As a side note - Shutter Island... Leo DiCaprio, Martin Scorsese and a really amazing cast- seriously crazy amazing. Do I really need to say it? Watch the movie, read the book, do both, do one twice - you really will need to invest in more than one visit to Shutter Island (remember The Sixth Sense and you had to watch it twice? Think that one on wicked good steroids - no kidding).

Friday, May 7, 2010


Picture this (pun intended) - Opening Day - IMAX - Noon - Four months in the planning! And there we were ... today ... watching Iron Man 2. And baby, it was just as good as the first one. Loved it.

Just based on the previews, I wasn't actually sure if Scarlett Johansson's character was good or bad, but I know now. I'm not going to tell you. I'm not going to tell you anything of substance at all. Nothing new you say? I can take it you critics you. Samuel L Jackson, Sam Rockwell, Gary Shandling, Jon Favreau, and Scarlett J. are all terrific in their respective good/bad guy roles. Don Cheadle does a really good job stepping into the shoes of Terrence Howard as Rhodey. Gwyneth Paltrow is, again, great as Pepper Potts. Mickey Rourke was great. And I don't care what anyone wants to say (you hush - H!) - I would watch anything Mickey is in - I think he's awesome and am so he's back.

And of course Robert....aaahhh, Robert Downey Jr. This man is the perfect triple threat - a genius actor, cute as a bug, and so smoking hot sexy he can steam up my glasses at the very thought of him. Oh and he's so, so, so good as Tony Stark.

I think it goes without saying that this is a must see...several times...hmmm.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It was 'Werewolf' day on the SyFy Channel

Oh yeah, baby! Cheesy werewolf movies galore. Seriously, you gotta love the SyFy channel for keeping the B-Movie industry alive and kicking....And I can assure you I am doing my part too, by watching : )

I'd already seen Skinwalkers, so I didn't watch it again, but it has Elias Koteas and I like him. He was Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and I love that. He was also recently in Shutter Island. It's OK as cheesy movies go.

I did watch Thor:Hammer of the Gods. It had Zachery Ty Bryan as Thor. You may remember him as the eldest of the three kids from the TV show Home Improvement with Tim Allen. The premise rocks - Vikings and werewolves on an island. And the dialogue making full use of Viking values is great, like when one brother says to another after a big battle, "It is a shame you did not die" because, as we all know, nothing is better than dying in battle so you can eat at the table of Odin in Valhalla. Heck yeah - crank up the cheese-o-meter and check it out.

And last but not least, War Wolves. This is about six soldiers fighting in some unknown middle eastern country get bit by 'the dog people' and come home, you guessed it, werewolves. Three girls and one guy embrace it, one we see off himself in the opening scene and one, Jake, battles 'turning' fully. The girls are hot. Jake is rocking a smoking hot bod (look past the hair) and wait for it cuz he doesn't take his shirt off till half way thru the flick (but it's so worth it when he does!). It has a pretty cool cast including an John Saxon, Tim Thomerson, and Adrienne Barbeau who is awesome. Not the greatest story line but it obviously didn't slow me down.