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Monday, March 23, 2015

An update on DWTS

Now that the season premier has happened and I've 'met' the stars, I'll update my thoughts.

Surprise standout was the millionaire Shark Tank guy, Robert Herjavek!  What a cutie - he was charming, fun, entertaining and a good dancer. Rooting for him to go far... maybe Kym can get that car.

Another surprise was Riker Lynch. Allison described him as 'rough around the edges' and that is for sure. But he's also a good dancer and charming in his own youthful way.

Noah Galloway was amazeballs! Strong (mentally and physically), wicked cute, and just wow - inspirational. Rooting for him in a big way.

Patti LaBelle was grace personified in both her personality and her dancing.

Nastia Luikin was as expected. She'll be good. Not sure if she's someone I want to root for yet though. No warm fuzzies for her, yet - except that she's with Derek.

Charlotte McKinney - I hope her dancing improves because she seems like a real sweetheart.

RedFoo - Love him!  He is infectious with personality and will enjoy watching him for a long while.

Michael Sam was another really good dancer. I'm thrilled he's on the show and I'll be watching for him come September too!  Can we say a big hell yeah for equality for all, please and thank you!!

Willow Shields surprised me. She was very mature for her age and a pretty good dancer to boot. So, go Willow.

Rumer Willis was a stellar dancer and I think she'll go a long ways (she may be this season's Alfonso Ribeiro). It was way cool seeing her mom, dad and siblings in the audience.

Suzanne Somers was another that is so sweet I hope her dancing improves so she can stay a while. And holy moly does she look good. Sixty-eight?  I think sexy-eight is more like it.

Chris Soules was a charmer. I don't watch the Bachelor/ette shows so I didn't know him from Adam, but he seems like a nice guy. And his dancing was pretty good. I'm enjoying his presence.

That's all of them...So far, no one is irritating me and that always makes for a nicer season. My favs at the moment for the finale are Robert Herjavec, Michael Sam and Rumer Willis. We'll see how my predictions do.

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