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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Kingsmen: The Secret Service"

Hello?! This was G-R-E-A-T!!!

This is what an old fashioned fun spy movie should be. It's somewhere between the silliness of Austin Powers and the seriousness of James Bond. Perfect balance of action, drama, comedy, cool gadgets and smart-dressed people.

Colin Firth is so good as a dashing action hero. Taron Egerton, who plays his protege, was terrific too. My friend and I pondered if he wouldn't have been a better Christian Grey than the one they cast. I dunno. Anyway, you've also got Michael Caine, Mark Strong and Jack Davenport. I couldn't figure out who the Professor was at the beginning, but he looked so familiar.... It was Mark Hamilton! Cool!

And can I just say that Samuel L Jackson and Sofia Boutella were the greatest villain and henchman team ever.  Seriously... ever. Jackson in his color coordinated ball cap and clothes and the lisp. Loved the lisp. And he can't stand blood. So freaking funny. And Boutella as his number one with her slice and dice prosthetic legs. OMG. Loved it all.


When Firth says, "Manners Maketh Man" and then kicks ass all over a group of punks. YES!! And when Egerton does the same at the end. Oh, hell yes! Best movie quote in quite a while.

And when the princess of Sweden (I think it was Sweden) says Egerton can have sex with in the asshole if he saves the world, I just about snorted up soda thru my nose.

Just see it. I'm gonna see it again and then buy it and then see it a few more times. Count on it.

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