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Friday, March 6, 2015

Steve Buscemi

Okay, Steve Buscemi has a really, really, really long list of acting credits. Loads more than I knew. But I sometimes think he is one of those sadly underrated actors who shuffles into the background and we may not remember but we always notice. He's a favorite of mine and now I have a really long list of things to try and see just for their Buscemi-ness.

His look is certainly so distinctive that you can't fail to recognize him when you see him. The eyes. the teeth. The hairline. The looks.... all singular. He can be so dry, so sarcastic, so funny, so creepy, so irreverent, so... you name it. He's just crazy talented.

Highlights for me (feel free to add your own in the comments):
Tangent - listing these movies makes me want to go watch them all over again! Not enough hours in the day for my addictions... sigh.

Reservoir Dogs - Great film, impressive cast, directed by Quentin Tarantino. Funny and dark and violent. And so easy to love. This is a classic must see film. Just saying.

Fargo - More dark comedy. He's just a natural fit. His manic competent/incompetent thing works. There is so much right about the wrongness of this film. And it's another steller cast.

Con Air - For me, he was at his most creepy in this film. He's absolutely mesmerizing and unpredictable. Chilling! And surrounded by another great cast.

Armageddon - I recently talked about this one. But again, he's so funny as Rockhound.

Monsters, Inc - Even his voice is singular. Randall is a slippery suck up and who better to voice him than Buscemi. Seriously. And an all-star cast of voices. Are we seeing a trend?

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - OMG, this one is just cheesy great fun. And another awesome cast. Buscemi, Steve Carell and Jim Carrey make magician-ing look good. Not Criss Angel good, More like a car wreck you can't take your eyes off - good. (Possibly a very bad metaphor - my apologies). But so good.

Final words, Steve Buscemi is great talent, a singular individual (which is redundant, I know but he is singular in his singularity - just go with it), and versatile. So very, very versatile. Now I have a ton of Buscemi-ness to catch up on.

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