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Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's NFL time again...

... and I want to offer up some gratitude to the football gods for it being so? You can't see it but there is major fist-pumping going on here - trust me.

It took two days, but I got my elaborate schedule put together and printed. I am ready to go. I have to be able to track each game, the scores, winners and current W-L stats for each team. It also includes the time and channel so I can best choose my Sunday schedule. Four (sometimes five when they are playing Thursdays or the rare Saturday) are all I can watch. I'm only human. Not that I couldn't DVR a game if the situation was dire and I needed to watch a game that was on simultaneously - but then it's hard to not know what's going on with the unwatched game and it's less fun to watch when you know the outcome. Sad face.

Of course pre-season isn't awesome like regular season but it's a sweet warm up to keep us in football for one more month of the year, and I appreciate that. The regular season begins on Sept 8, and I think it's safe to say you may see at least one more post on the glories of NFL before the Playoffs.

So, the glories of football! And let me be clear, football for me is only NFL. Nothing against the players or teams, but college ball holds no appeal - the politics and random organization of their league and playoffs irritates me. Football!! I still need to peruse all the team rosters and see what's changed and who's where, but my boys are back and I can't wait to see them play. My top teams to follow include the Giants, Colts and Saints but close seconds are the Packers, Patriots and Ravens. I do believe you can root for more than one team and support anyone who agrees. Do you have a team or several?

I wore my Giant's jersey for the first time in months. It felt goooood. I need some more though. One is not enough to get you through two and sometimes three days a week. And if the guys are playing, I'm wearing. I'm just like that. And the food.... yumm.... nothing beats garbage-snack food for football watching. The chips, dips, salsa, sandwiches, and beer (for those who like it - although I love me some beer commercials... does that count?) - it's all good. And commercials - who doesn't agree that football attracts some of the best commercials? You know they do. I just spent a hour watching nothing but Peyton and Eli Manning commercials on YouTube. Sigh.... the Manning brothers.... big crush in case you couldn't tell.

The QB's, the wide receivers, the tight ends (yeah - I like me a nice tight end), the colors, mascots, coaches, camaraderie and temper tantrums, and the stadiums filled with fans. My 52" TV filled with football, Faith Hill and Hank Williams Jr singing, it all adds up to some uber happy Clancy from now until February. Count on it. So, are you ready? Really ready, for some football....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm back - here's summary

I can't believe I blew off all of July - but medical issues and some depression thrown in for good measure will do that for you. I'm back and feeling better - thanks for asking!

And Now For Something Completely.... Summarized.
New Movies:
Larry Crowne - I really liked it. I thought Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts were honest and it was a nice story about life.

Fast Five - I love the Fast and The Furious franchise, so I loved this. And it has the best car chase action scene ever! Seriously - downtown Rio, two fast cars, a giant vault and a ton of cops... need I say more? And Vin Diesel... still makes my heart go pitty-pat (sigh).

Horrible Bosses - OMG - this is so fucking funny. Great cast and funny, funny, funny script. Jennifer Aniston is great as an evil sexpot dentist. Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrel are great villains too. Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day are hilarious as the poor shmoes dealing with their terrible bosses.

Then I watched a bunch of DVD's and movies on Cable - Whip It was a good story about coming of age and trying to be who you are. My Future Boyfriend was a nice made for TV rom-com that pleased me immensely because happiness (for me) is a cheesy romantic comedy. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend actually got me on a couple levels - the first being a made for TV rom-com, the second being it's about a writer struggling to find emotion in his work (I can relate) and the third being Christopher Gorham who is smoking hot in a sexy geeky way. Alyssa Milano is so pretty too. Dear John worked for me as I had some ups and downs and all ended as I wanted. A Good Woman was a quintessential Oscar Wilde re-do with hidden identities, mistaken motives and enough brilliant one liners to quote for a lifetime.

Well, I got caught up on my TV shows. The second season of Justified was great - gotta love Timothy Olyphant. White Collar kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what Neil was going to do and how Mozzy and Peter would react. All good. I like the new guy on Warehouse 13 and can I add how much I love Allison Scagliotti and the character she plays. The dancing this season on So You Think You Can Dance has been stellar. Some new shows got on my radar - Suits, Franklin & Bash, and Alphas are all good cast, good shows - I'll keep watching. Falling Skies was a disappointment, sadly.

And I think that catches us up. Have a nice day!