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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Watching Feast and Famine

I was suffering a dearth of movie watching for weeks and weeks. Probably the source of my lack of posting.  I was depressed.  Not watching movies is depressing to me.  When I need to de-stress or cheer up or relax - I watch a movie.  So, after my famine, I feasted.  Here are the results of my movie binge.

Harry Potter movies 1 thru 8 - Over two weeks I watched the last one and then rewatched all eight again.  For more on this see the post on my writing blog

Contagion - Scary.  I've mentioned before I like natural disaster flicks and epi/pan-demics count.  This one makes you truly think about how often we touch each other and ourselves (stop smirking you pervs)...I mean like how often we touch our face and touch stuff in the world and then touch our faces again... and how easily disease is spread.  It was thought provoking to say the least.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt 1 - I thought this part was good.  Don't hate, but Book 4 wasn't my favorite of the series for two reasons.  First - I felt that Bella turned into a raging bitch once she is turned (others have disagreed with me - and I could be wrong, but that was my initial reaction).  Second - the baby was creepy (again - others have disagreed, but this was my initial response).  This part ends just after the baby is born and Bella is turned.  I may like the second part  less because these two issues are prevalent in the second part and not this one.  I guess we'll see.

Immortals - This was eye candy for everyone.  Hot quasi-naked men.  Hot quasi-naked women.  Fighting, violence and enough splattering blood for any gore-aphile.  History.  Mythology.  Gorgeous Greek Gods (especially Zeus).  It's got it all.  Maybe the plot is a little thin, but the action is awesome. 

I also went to a night of Buster Keaton movies.. That was amazing.  I've seen his movies before but this time it really hit me how good looking and how athletic he really was.  And smart.  His humor might be physical but it is also smart.  If you haven't watched a Buster Keaton movie - do yourself a favor and seek one out.

Some honorable mentions:  Rocky Horror Picture Show - classic cheesy goodness.  Super 8 - not what I expected, but not bad.  The kids were pretty good.