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Monday, March 9, 2015

Dancing with the Stars

The new season of Dancing with the Stars starts in a week on March 16th. Woohoo!!

In anticipation, I am re-watching the last season. See, I save all the shows on my DVR a season at a time and then re-watch before the new season starts and delete them then. But, I always have at least some DWTS on my DVR so I never have to be without. Smart, huh? When I'm re-watching, I don't watch the whole show, since I've seen it all, I just re-watch the dances.

Tangent - I really wish they would just sell the seasons on disc so I could buy them all. But no. For whatever reason that I am not privy to, DWTS and So You Think You Can Dance, do not put the shows on DVD or Blue-ray or whatever. This makes me exceptionally sad as there are so many dances I could just watch over and over. Anywho, the point is I save a season and watch the dances again just before the next season starts which is where I am at now.

The pros. Always happy when Derek is dancing. He's my hands down favorite and I think he is just the most creative choreographer (although Mark Ballas's Mario Brother's freestyle was incredible). Other pro's I like a lot that will be dancing this season  include... well,  all of them except I'm still trying to warm up to Allison and Keo.

The Stars (or at least the ones I have feelings about).
Noah Calloway (soldier). Love soldiers, what they represent, the service they've done for our country - just everything. And JR Martinez (soldier) won when he was on and Noah is dealing with an amputee challenge, but Amy Purdy showed just how little that slowed her down cuz she came in 2nd for her season.

Patti LaBelle (singer) - I suspect she will be gracious and lovely to watch as her spirit comes across that way.

Nastia Luikin (gymnast) - the last time a gymnast, Shawn Johnson, partnered with Derek Hough, they won. So, she has some potential from the starting gate.

RedFoo - I am super jazzed to watch him. He's guest judged before and I love LMFAO. I think Emma Slater should have a good time with him.

Michael Sam (NFL player) and first openly gay NFL player. So yay for him. Coming out for anyone is hard enough and when it's in the public eye and in a sport like football - uber not easy. So, for courage and living authentic, I'll be rooting for this guy!

Willow Shields (actress) - I like the Hunger Game movies as much as the next person, but I always found Prim, Katniss's little sister, a bit annoying, but that is not Willow's fault. So, I'm keeping an open mind.

Suzanne Somers (actress) - another one like Patti LaBelle for me.

Rumer Willis (actress) - We shall see. I liked her in The House Bunny, so keeping an open mind.

Overall, just excited for a new season of cool ass dancing.

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