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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood...and the Oscars!

I think for the first time in so many years I cannot remember, I watched the Oscars and did not have one single, "Are you kidding me?!" moment. Which is great because there have been years I've had so many of those, I was ready to give up watching the Oscars, my other favorite Sunday annual event (hint: The Super Bowl). It doesn't mean I agree with all awards given, it means I did not egregiously disagree with who won. So, lets look at some of the movies offered up last night....(I am not going to go into the Technical Awards - sorry)

The Hurt Locker - Remember awhile back when I told you about Jeremy Renner....he's in this one and was nominated for Best Actor but didn't win (sniff). The movie did however win big: Best Picture, Best Director (Kathryn Bigelow, 1st woman to win Director), Film Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Original Screenplay. Not too shabby for a little film that could.

The Blind Side - Sandra Bullock won Best Actress. She is so funny, smart, talented and gorgeous.
Precious - Got Best Adapted Screenplay and Mo'Nique won Best Supporting Actress. She is one beautiful and gracious woman.
Crazy Heart - It got Best Original Song and Jeff Bridges took home Best Actor. He's so cute.
Avatar - Not the ones everyone was probably expecting but not bad... It won Visual Effects, Cinematography, and Art Direction.
Inglourious Basterds - Christoph Waltz snagged Best Supporting Actor and is such a completely adorable guy. Quentin Tarantino is brilliant -again.
Star Trek - They won Best Makeup, but it does seem like they should have won more awards to my Trekkie mind.
Up - Won Original Score and Animated Feature Film.
The Young Victoria - This period piece won Best Costume Design. Looks good - must see.

Now - I think the awards were spread around nicely, there were some surprises and some "I thought so" moments and , again, nothing I didn't think - "Fair Play." But, there was one movie I felt got snubbed and should totally have won something - anything - it was a fabulous movie that has stayed with me and made a brilliant statement. District 9. Yes, it was nominated for Best Picture which is great, but seriously it should have won something. It's the only movie I felt the loss of last night and kept waiting for and being disappointed. And its star, Sharlto Copley, I really felt deserved to be in the Best Actor nominations. So, even though this is the best Oscars I've seen in many, many a year (thank you Adam Shankman) I am sad that District 9 did not win any much deserved awards in my humble opinion. Award season is now over for another year - carry on...

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