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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brian Williams of NBC's Nightly News

So, when did network news broadcasters become sexy and cool? Because Brian Williams is both sexy and cool, really sexy and very cool. Don't believe me? Go watch Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show and you can see this for yourself or watch his news show, but that may not show his coolness. On a Jimmy Fallon episode sometime in the last few months, Williams was on the show and I was struck by his coolness and yes - his sexiness. On the Fallon show he and Jimmy did the news in a 'slow smooth' (I think that's what they called it) with The Roots Band. Then I saw him during the Olympics doing news updates. So, here I am catching up on my recordings of Jimmy's show, the episode shown on 3/29/10, (Yes- I have a little talk show addiction) and Brian isn't even a guest, but he shows up for the opening half of the show to do another news update in a slow smooth. That means The Roots play some soft blues-y music and Brian and Jimmy report the news in a sort of soft rap. Just cool!

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  1. Clancy, I think there's a patch of drool just there by your foot :)