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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My final Olympic feelings

The Olympics ended tonight and I am sad, but I can now look forward to Sochi, Russia in 2014! I want to say I thought Canada was a wonderful host country, the Opening and Closing ceremonies were amazing, and I cried way more than I like to do... ever.

Final Woo Hoos
The USA broke a record for its winter Olympic medal count and topped the board with 37 total, but Canada took it home with the most Gold medals (14) in these games and came in third for total medals with 26. Germany was second with 30 medals. All told, I think there were 87 countries participating and 24 of them took home at least one medal, so just one big Woo Hoo for the 21st Winter Olympics.

All Curler's everywhere - Woo Hoo! (An homage to my dad who curled once upon a time)
All the 50km Cross country skiers - Wow - just to ski that distance is really something

And of course the ice hockey... it did end up being Canada vs USA for the Gold and it was a cliffhanger of a game that went into overtime. Both of these teams wanted this one really bad but to paraphrase Bob Costas, Team USA wanted this but ALL of Canada needed it. And the Woo Hoo goes to....
Team Canada - The Gold

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