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Sunday, February 14, 2010

JA Konrath's Jack Daniels novels

I just read the first two books of JA Konrath's Jack Daniels novels. I'm in!

They are about a police detective, Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels. It's in first person, so you always are in her head, or the bad guy's, and it really works. Mr. Konrath is a guy who really knows how to write a strong female protagonist and is also able to write super creepy, and I do mean Super Creepy, bad guys. And the books have great names - "Whiskey Sour", "Bloody Mary", Fuzzy Navel"....you get the idea.

Jack has relationship issues, an obnoxious ex-partner, a funny current partner, a mom she loves and respects but makes her a little crazy, and a wicked bad case of insomnia. Each book, at least the first two, takes you from beginning to end of a case involving a serial killer. I am not a fan of horror and rarely read mysteries or thrillers, but I like these. There's enough grisly to make me wince, but not so much I don't want to read it and the tension and pacing keeps me up reading late into the night. They are an easy and entertaining read that I think is worth the time. (I'm diving into the third one tonight!)

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