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Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Olympic Woo Hoo's

OK - more well earned Woo Hoo's for the world's athletes!

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir (Canada) Ice Dancing - The Gold - Way to go for the home country.
Aksel Lund Svindal (Norway) Alpine Skiing Events - 1 Gold / 1 Silver / 1 Bronze - So he added another two medals from the last woo hoo. Seriously- could his dad just be any cuter?
Ashleigh McIvor (Canada) Ladies' Ski Cross - The Gold - Ski Cross (and Snowboard Cross) are just really fun to watch.
Team USA Nordic Combined 4x5km - The Silver - Oh, AND Bill DeMong and Johnny Spillane of Team USA also took some individual medals: a Gold and a 2nd Individual Silver respectively. Now we have a whole bunch of medals in Nordic Combined where until this Olympic we had none. Yay us! (We still need to conquer that pesky Biathlon)
Erin Pac & Elana Meyers (USA) Women's Bobsleigh - The Bronze - Well done. And yay to Canada's teams who took Gold and Silver.
Alexei Grishin (Belarus) & Jeret "Speedy" Peterson (USA) Men's Aerials - The Gold and Silver respectively. Another very cool sport to watch.
Team Canada & Team USA Women's Hockey - Gold and Silver respectively - You know...hockey...Canada...need I say more? I think not. Also - we may see another Canada vs USA in Men's Hockey (we'll see...)
Yu-Na Kim (Korea) Ladies Figure Skating - The Gold - She is THE athlete for Korea and had so much pressure on her to win and she did - boy did she - by such a margin that it's amazing what this young lady can do - truly amazing - she's beautiful to watch.
Mao Asada (Japan) Ladies Figure Skating- Wow! She did two (count them, 1-2) Triple Axels (that's a jump - a difficult jump) in her Free Skate and one in her Short program. The first lady to land (perfectly, I might add) two, let alone three, in one competition.
Joannie Rochette (Canada) Ladies Figure Skating - This young woman fought back through some incredible pain to medal here. Three days before her short program skate her mom died very suddenly of a heart attack. Joannie and her mom were very close. As my dad died very suddenly last year, I can tell you - I was doing good to just be functional in the first few weeks after my dad died let alone phenomenal and win an Olympic medal just days after such a horrific event - so amazing, inspiring and strong. Very well done, Joannie.
Team USA "The Night Train" Four-Man Bobsleigh - The Gold - These are some way cool guys.

So there we go - only a few more events to go and we'll wrap this up. By the way, I did not say this yet, but I want to send out my best wishes and sympathy for the family, team, and country of the Georgian Luge athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in a terrible accident during a training run on the opening day of the Vancouver Olympics.

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