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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Scorpion... and maybe some other Fall TV Shows

I am loving Scorpion. The first comment I saw about the show was how unrealistic it was.and that the person commenting was expecting it to be better.  And I thought to myself... So? So what? What does realistic have to do with anything? Better how? More realistic? Whoever that person is, maybe they should focus on documentaries if that's their criteria. (Nothing against documentaries - I like them too.)

Yes, the show is based on a real genius who runs a real think tank type problem solving group. And said genius provides story ideas for said show, so for my money - it's distinctly possible, if improbable, that some of these stories could be based in some sort of fact. And let us not forget that fact is often stranger than fiction. On the Fictorians (another blog I'm involved with), all of September was a month based on stories of fact that were stranger than fiction. So, who are we, the masses, to know the truth of what is realistic when dealing with geniuses or covert government agencies or other stuff outside our realms.

Bottomline, Scorpion's foundation is cool. But why does a TV show based on that kind of coolness need to be realistic? It doesn't. TV would be pretty boring if it was realistic.

CSI and NCIS (all of them) would be dead in the water if realism was vital since the average autopsy (according to my local crime scene investigators) is given about seven minutes. And unless the crime scene is high profile, it's never going to be treated with the detail and time given all crime scenes on these shows. But realistic wouldn't be entertaining. Or slightly educational (all you doubters - HUSH).

How about Blue Bloods  or any other cop show.  The average cop can go an entire career and never fire his side-arm, but cops not shooting at bad guys is not especially entertaining. So, cop show cops shoot a lot, kill a lot of bad guys and generally fire their guns at least every episode.

Even "reality" (quotes and any snarkiness you interpreted are intentional) TV is scripted and edited to make it seem more interesting than it really is. I won't start on reality TV. I'm just not going there. I'm in a good mood.

My point is that entertainment, like TV, is meant to entertain, so we want guns being shot and science being explored to its deepest levels and gadgetry at its coolest. Action needs to be more action-y. Humor more humor-y. Drama more drama-y. Emotion just that much more emotion-y. All more than reality. At least that's how I like my TV.

So, Scorpion is right up my alley, as are the previously specified shows (not reality shows). Because I want to be entertained and escape into my escapism.

Now, a little more about Scorpian. Smart is its own brand of sexy, so geniuses are hot! Geek hot, but hot none the less. And looks have absolutely nothing to do with it. This team is sexy and what they accomplish is awesome because they're doing it with extra brain power. For a brain geek groupie, like myself- it's the best of all worlds.

The team is smart, funny, cool, nerdy, tough, and socially atrophied. But they are saving lives and doing their best in a society they barely relate to. I love the little boy! Good people in exceptional circumstances doing the best they can. (That last sentence is the premise for a good many stories, shows and movies.... just saying.) If you haven't watched it - I'm recommending it.

Also on my recommend list for this Fall (some new and some not)(and a small glimpse into my soul)(it's possible that last statement was an exaggeration) (or not):
The Blacklist
Person of Interest
NCIS (all of them including the new one in New Orleans)
CSI (the original and I'm excited for CSI:Cyber)
Madame Secretary
Big Bang Theory
Blue Bloods
Hawaii Five-O

This is by no means an exhaustive look at my very full DVR record list, but it is a start and I'm always open to more. If you got a hot suggestion - give it to me!

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