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Thursday, October 2, 2014

NFL Football Season again... YAY!!!

This is late in stating since we're going into week five, but my Giants weren't doing so well and now they're finding their groove so now I feel more YAY about it all.

They got a new offensive coordinator who changed everything including how Eli Manning steps back to throw, so yeah... it's going to fuck up the offensive line's groove. The point of it all, I gather, is to mix things up and re-enervate the team and get them present again. I get that.

Sometimes, you slip into a groove - or perhaps it's more like a rut - and then you're in that soft comfortable place where things just happen instead of you making them happen. Then you're not present in the moment. And shit starts slipping.

So maybe after winning two Superbowls, my boys were complacent. Maybe they were in a groove/rut and they needed to come back into the moment and take charge. And maybe that's why Tom Coughlin did this. By the way, whether changing to a West Coast style defense is good or not (I'm coming around... but I'm still not 100% sold), I think Tom Coughlin is one of the best coaches out there. He is a positive, unruffled, stabling force on the sideline and I'm sure a motivating force in the locker room. So, maybe my boys needed this, maybe they needed to jump out of the rut and find a new groove.  We shall see.

The last few seasons have been less than stellar and that just won't do. Not for my Giants. Not for my Tom Coughlin. And certainly not for my adorable Eli Manning! So, I'm humbly optimistic that they are figuring out this new offense and will continue to improve and win.

Last Thursday's game was a double whack pack of sadness for the Washington Redskins as not only did my Giants play really good, but the Redskins were playing pretty bad (Six turnovers is tragic - for them. Not so tragic for us.). And though the Redskins are division rivals, I feel for them right now. RG3 is injured and while I think Cousins is doing a fair job stepping into the QB role, last Thursday was not evidence of that.

In conclusion, Life is full of ruts and grooves. The road we travel can be a mixed bag. Sometimes we're cruising the highway and it's smooth sailing. Sometimes we end up riding the soft shoulder for a while. And sometimes we can't even see the road because we're off-roading out in the boonies trying desperately to find the road again. Though some of you (you know who you are!) like off-roading all the time and that's cool too. Just travel safely and enjoy the trip no matter how you're traveling at the moment. :)

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