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Monday, October 13, 2014

Black Box Theaters in general and William Shakepeare specifically...

On black box theaters in general.... LOVE THEM. If you've never been to a black box, go. Seek them out. You are right there, up close and personal with the actors. It's intimate and generally speaking, there are no bad seats as there are so few seats (maybe a 100 or so). It's just a different theater experience and I can't recommend it enough. Many theaters have both a main stage and a black box, so don't ignore the smaller venue. You'll find wonderful plays and experiences just waiting for your eager, theater-loving selves.

Saturday night, I saw The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) in a black box theater. The week prior I was at the main stage (at the same theater) and saw Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical. Both awesome, but the Shakespeare - can I just say I haven't laughed that long or hard in a long, long time. This is three guys and thirty-seven plays in two hours.  There is definitely some improv involved as well, but wow. So funny!

Not all the plays get the same treatment - some have some real time devoted to them and others are summed up or briefly mentioned, but still quite a feat. I won't give too much away.

So, if you ever have a chance to see this, do not stop at Go, do not slow down for the really lucrative yellow and red properties... run to get tickets and see it more than once if you can.  I saw it on closing night and wish, Wish, WISH I could go back and see this multiple times over. I would. I really, really would.

And in other news.... I'm having a good day. Hope you are well.

(Have you noticed by new trend of actually writing my blog? I know.... I'm impressed too!)

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