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Monday, December 27, 2010

'TRON: Legacy' and a brief rant

I have been sick lately - the last three weeks have been a blur of cold, fever, bed, then my tooth getting pulled out (another story for when you're really bored) and then having a cold relapse. I feel very rested now that I only have a lingering cough and the grand canyon in my mouth. So, here we go - back on track.

I took my son and his girlfriend to see TRON: Legacy on it's opening day...in 3D...on the IMAX. Did you just think 'AWESOME'? I did! And I was there and thought that then too. I have mixed feelings about this moviethough. Let's start with the love. Love Garrett Hedlund. Love Jeff Bridges. Love, love, love the special effects and the stunning visuals of this movie. Love Michael Sheen, who kind of stole the movie for me with his flamboyant David Bowie homage inspired character. Love the main cute girl (Olivia Wilde) - she is stunning. What didn't I love? I didn't love that sometimes you couldn't understand what was being said because the 'programs' speaking were made to sound electronic. And this isn't a love/no love situation, and it could be I needed to see the original more recently than a decade ago or that my brain was fuzzy from being sick at the time (I'm siding with this one) or I really am slow sometimes, BUT Jeff Bridges' zen thing going on in the movie and the point of it all (I'm guessing) threw me and thus the story line didn't always track for me. It could be it was just too esoteric for my wee poor brain.... or not - who knows. I'll have to watch the original and then this one again when I'm feeling good and sharp and see if I still have the same problem. But I had fun and enjoyed the ride (pun intended).

Now on to the brief rant. I just want to say damn you Hallmark (and occasionally Lifetime) channel! During my convalescence, I have watched 15 to 20 Hallmark channel Holiday movies (with the occasional Lifetime movie as well). Every one meant to be a feel good, cheesy, sometimes love story, always family centered, holiday warmth extravaganza celebrating Santa, the holidays, family, relationships and all things good cheer with the express purpose of making me cry at least once during said film. And I hate crying. I kinda hate being all warm and fuzzy too. And yet I can't stop myself from watching them - year after year. I'm obviously a glutton for punishment. No one does these type of films better than Hallmark - let me say that. So, damn you Hallmark for making me soft and gooey inside when I hate being that way and have no resistance to your wily, emotional charms. And I still have a few on my DVR to watch... and I'll love them... and hate them for making me cry and feel warm inside. I'm having a bit of a Grinch identity crisis over here. You know - that moment when his heart grows three sizes that day.... it's painful troops - don't kid yourselves. Grrr ... and Happy Holidays!

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