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Friday, June 5, 2015

Me, My Office and the Tidying Up book

This story starts with my writing partner and bff, D, who recommended I read this book by Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and OrganizingI read it and have to say even though there are a few things that may not apply or work with an American lifestyle (because it was written by and for those living in Japan), the underlying premise is absolutely life-changing.

So, I've been decluttering and organizing according to that premise - Only keep what brings you joy (and/or use regularly for the practical minded). If you set that as your baseline, it's actually easier and liberating to rid your home of stuff that is just taking up space. I cleared out probably 40% of the clothes in my closet and drawers, 70% of the shoes taking up space, and 30-40% of the books on one massive bookshelf (I still have another bookshelf to go), but wow!  I feel like the weights are lifting off my back and when I look at what I did keep, it's all stuff I love and that brings me joy.

As I'm progressing through the process, I started working the same life-changing magic in my office where I'm supposed to be working/writing. But my brain was as cluttered and messy as my office which was in utter chaos. My office felt like a visual representation of my brain. It's no wonder I wasn't getting anything done.

This week has been all about cleaning up and clearing out my office - making it a joyous place for me to work and be productive surrounded by the things that enhance my productivity. Having now cleared out my filing cabinet and boxes and bags of stuff (we're talking SO much paper for recycling or shredding), there is now room for me to just put stuff away immediately so I keep it clutter free. What a concept! It shouldn't be such a concept, but for me it really was - sometimes, I'm just so bad parting with stuff. Not quite hoarder, but not a foreign concept either. Now, everything has to pass the joy/love measuring stick or it doesn't even come in the house. That's that. And I LOVE IT. :)

Now that you know all of that, you have some idea why I've been a slacker with my blog. But, we'll get this train back on the tracks. Have a great weekend!!

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