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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Knee surgery

So, I'm still pretty UP from getting a book out.... finally. And I appreciate so much everyone who wished me well and/or bought a copy. THANKS

Remember how I had the knee surgery in early December to fix my torn meniscus? I'm still gimpy and in pain all the time, so we're taking the next step. Knee surgery for a partial knee replacement (unless they find something really freaky when they go in and have to do a full replacement). I'll be happy if it fixes the problem though.

So, I have surgery in a few brief weeks - three days in the hospital and then laid up for a month for sure. After that we'll see how gimpy or active I am. So my goal is, once I'm not doped up on pain meds, to be uber productive with my writing. Send the mojo, ya'll!!

Also, should have the next short out about the same time. I'll try to keep up the blog too though there may be a week of nothing - we'll see.

Anywho - that's today's update.
Have a great day and week :)


  1. Sending mojo and lots for healing thoughts for the best results on the surgery. Take care, Clancy.