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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Genius in All of Us and The Talent Code

David Shenk wrote this book called The Genius in All of Us.  I recently finished reading it and liked it a lot because it picked up (sort of) where The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle left off.  It gave a more in depth look at how we create what we call genius. So, I liked that.

The Talent Code had loads of cool examples of hot spots of genius and talked some about how they grew there. Genius explains a little more how to accomplish that if you wanted to raise a genius.

The one thing both books speak to is that genius is not entirely in the genes but rather is cultivated through environment (which includes training). Genius talks more about the environment + genes = genius. And Code talks more about the training side of genius. Neither dismiss natural ability, but they both support the idea that genius doesn't just appear. It takes many components to accomplish what looks like genius.

And we aren't just talking brainiacs, we're talking writing, sports, musicians, singers, etc. It's a combination of things, like being raised in an environment that exposes one to that skill, having the support and encouragement to do the training necessary to gain the muscle memory of that skill, and having a passion that gives you the drive necessary to attain that skill almost to the exclusion of everything else.

The thing I like about these books is that we're breaking away from the idea that genius just happens so if you aren't born to be the best 'X' ever, you never will be. But that's bunk, as research is beginning to show. If I want to be the best 'X' ever, I need to practice it like crazy for years on end, practice in a way that enhances my skill, have motivation to do it, and have emotional and physical support in order to do the above.

But that's great news for any average Joe. We don't have to be average. Genius can be ours with enough time and effort. I love that it opens doors for everyone and that we're de-mystifying 'genius'.

Any other books in this area that ya'll can suggest?

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  1. Love the post, Clancy. I like that it takes practice. Like Mastery... it's a life-long journey.