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Friday, May 1, 2015

Crocheting vs Eating

In the evenings when I like to watch TV, I have a tendency to snack (which hints at a smaller quantity than the amount of food I actually consume). I have found however that if I am doing something with my hands then I do not eat. One of my besties suggested masturbation (I just shook my head sadly) which I think is impractical anyway considering the hours I watch TV.

I have however found something to do with those hours that not only keeps me from nibbling (rolling my eyes) but also strengthens my hands and wrist so I am not having any pain when I type all day. 

Crocheting. Yes, crocheting. People who know me well may find this incongruous with their concepts of me, but there it is. I love to crochet. I never learned how to knit. And counted cross-stitch (which is my mom's choice of TV watching hobbies) takes too much attention away from my viewing attention. Crocheting does not. And it really gives my hands and wrists a workout. 

The downside is that now that I've made tons of scarves and hats and other things for friends and family, I'm now searching for projects to work on. The other downside is the dollars spent on yarn. So, I've now decided to take orders and sell some stuff so I can sustain my hobby as well as keep busy. I'm also starting to write some patterns for the stuff I make up from pictures. Sometimes it takes a few times to get it right, but I'm making progress. Thought I'd share some of the latest projects.

The top is a plaid I've made in a load of different colors. I think these are quite pretty. Next is one I based off the Leather Pride Flag. I've made it in two different widths and a variety of lengths.

I've made a bunch of stuffed animal things like My Little Ponies and Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles but I've done some other things that are.... I dunno.

A boob coozie that a friend saw in a catalog and requested. This one's bizarre to me, but no judgyness. 

And then there's the daisy for my friend Daisy. I love this one.

In the works are a few more hats. But I'm always looking for more projects to take on so I can continue to not snack. 

BTW - the chip moratorium is going well. Wasn't even craving any until the last week, so that's good. Got another week to go. Hopefully when I am off the moratorium, I won't binge. Hopefully, I can go forward with some normal type of moderation. Mind over matter, that will be my mantra.

What do ya'll do to keep busy?

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