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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Royals

The Royals is a new show on the E! Channel. It's about the royal family of England - King, Queen and kids - except it's a fictional family. I've been watching it since it started a month or so ago. I think the acting is good, the cast appealing and the setting gorgeous. I like it and will continue to watch

But (and it's a big BUT), every time I'm watching it, I find myself questioning if any of it is possible in real life. It's like the bastard child if 'Biography' married 'Girls/Guys Gone Wild'. Below are questions I find myself pondering while watching (if you haven't seen - Spoiler Alert).

Could the Prince (and next in line to the throne) just jet off for the weekend with only one bodyguard? Aren't royal itineraries pretty full and stringent? Could the princess really be a drugged up, drunk party-girl all the time? Would the royal children and cousins really be this self-destructive in their liberal use of drugs, alcohol and sex?

Could the queen (played by a gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley) really have a lover on the side and be fooling around with him in the palace without getting caught? Not to mention the freedom of their personal body guards to sleep with guardees (namely the queen and princess). Could the king really sneak out to go on walks through London without a body guard and no one recognizing him?

Could the king's brother really use sex and sexual intimidation to bribe/blackmail/bully men, women, servants and other nobles, etc...? He's like a modern day Marquis de Sade. And he has two daughters (who bear a vague resemblance to Prince Edwards daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie) except they are idiots (seriously... just dumb as a box of rocks) as well as drugged up like their cousins, the princess (and less so, the prince).

It's all just so tabloid, outlandish and self-loathing that it's hard to imagine the real royal family like this. Maybe I'm naive. I dunno. But I would hate to think of Prince William or Harry ever behaving this badly. But if I suspend my rational brain and just dive in  to it as a soap opera set in the palace, then it's interesting (not sure that's the right word). Maybe enjoyable in a very window-peeping, voyeuristic way. I'm interested in others' thought here.

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