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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

I never get tired of seeing the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Never. I own the DVD and have probably watched it a hundred times, so you'd think when I come across it on TV that I wouldn't succumb, but you'd be wrong. Here I am watching it again and happy to do so.

I love me some musicals, loads of them. But really, this may be my all time favorite (or at least tied with the 1945 version of State Fair).

Warning: Spoiler alert!

When Millie turns all the rough necks into catch-worthy gents... love it! When they're all at the barn raising and it erupts into a dance-fight between the brothers and the town men for the girls affections... love it!  When the brothers are mourning not having the girls with them and sing about being 'lonely hound dogs' and use saws and axes as part of the instrumentation for the song... love, love, love it!!! When the dads show up to rescue the girls and hear Millie's baby crying and they ask the girls whose it is so they can force that couple to marry and every single girls claims it so all of them get to marry all the brothers... love it!  The music, the cast, the dancing, the colors, just everything about this movie brings me joy.

If you like musicals and haven't seen it, you're missing out (in my humble opinion).


  1. Hey Clancy, do your remember the series? I loved the movie and when the series aired for just a short time, I got my first crush on Richard Dean Anderson. (Sigh)

  2. I so totally remember the series - I loved it to! That and Petticoat Junction (w/Bobby Sherman - Uber Sigh!)