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Monday, February 21, 2011

"The King's Speech"

I haven't seen a new movie in several weeks. I was feeling wicked deprived : (
Today I saw The King's Speech starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. It was as good or better than I'd heard and what I'd heard was awesome.

Small stuff first - Helena Bonham-Carter is wonderful as Firth's wife. Guy Pearce is perfect for the role of King Edward (who abdicated his throne so he could marry Wallace Simpson). Timothy Spall is a convincing Winston Churchill (gold stars for all who remember him as Wormtail in Harry Potter). The casting across the board is so good. The setting and costuming are wonderful. The music - let's just say this: During King George VI's 'big' speech, Beethoven's 7th played in the background to brilliant effect - It gave me goosebumps and I teared up (be quiet).

Big stuff next - Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were brilliant. Really, truly, I'm-getting-chills-thinking-about-it-now brilliant. I was enthralled by this movie. Swept away and involved. And most importantly - inspired.

If you don't know, it's based on the true story of Bertie, the eventual King George VI (before and after he becomes King) trying to get over his stammer or stutter so he can give public speeches. Bertie is played by Firth and his speech therapist is played by Rush.

It made me want to fight any problem, tackle any quest, succeed at any venture - because anything is possible if you are brave and try. You will walk away a more motivated and inspired person for having seen this film. And there are quite a few very funny moments too - in case I was sounding too serious : )


  1. Clancy, I have to agree with you on this movie. I thought it was perfectly awesome. Being a history major usually makes me super critical of any historical pieces, but I found this one accurate and wonderful. Can't say enough about it. Usually when a movie comes out as a strong runner for Oscars, I am a bit skeptical. But I must admitt this one deserves every nomination.

  2. Clancy I am SO glad the Colin Firth won the Oscar. Finally the academy recognized this gem of an actor. I have been in love with Firth since the late 80's.

    He is and always will be my Darcy. :-)

  3. I know - right. Lizzie! This movie, so deserved to winner all the awards it did including Best Actor, Director and Picture. And he was an awesome Darcy.

    Scarlet, I agree good job history people! As historical movies go, this was one that anyone could relate too, enjoy and feel better for having watched it.