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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Animated Movies Galore

I'm visiting my grandson right now friends and so this is about my current viewing trend - mostly, but not exclusively, the animated film. My grandson is sick right now, so less up to playing and rampaging the house than laying around watching movies which I am watching with him. And I will refrain from gushing about how completely adorable he is in my completely biased opinion.

Disney and Don Bluth and other have made a wealth of really great films that not only children like, but adults (I will broadly include myself here) can enjoy too. And as a disclaimer - I am liberally using adverbs today!

Anyone remember Beauty and the Beast, the Disney version? Great songs, beautiful scenery and utterly charming. It also had Robby Benson as the Beast - awesome. My daughter loved it when she was little and I was reminded much I enjoyed it too. How about Anastasia? A Don Bluth I think. John Cusack, Meg Ryan, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lloyd, and Hank Azaria in the voice cast -Wow....and it it also has fabulous songs and gorgeous animation.

My son's favorite was Free Willy - a complete tear-jerker but also a really great non-animated movie. My grandson seems enchanted with the whale and as it has been almost fifteen years since I had to watch it four times daily for months on end I am also finding it a good watch once again. A new favorite... of mine.... is Chicken Little. Could this movie be any cuter? I don't think so. Another amazing voice cast - Zach Braff, Gary Marshall, Don Knotts, Steve Zahn, Joan Cusack and so many more - and the songs. The songs make you want to sing along (so I was singing - it's not that bad). Songs by The Barenaked Ladies and Patti LaBelle...it's really that good. I own it for me and had to buy it for the grandson and now we watch every time I visit. If you haven't seen it yet - what are you waiting for?

Overall, if you still have any of those old (or new) "kids" movies laying around, I say pop one in and remind yourself of how good they are no matter your age.

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