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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A final (maybe) update on DWTS

So, Monday nights DWTS show had a lot of the men taking off their shirts (thank you whoever got that to happen!). So, Robert Herjavec is a hottie! It's so official. He is just charming in every cell. And sexy. Can we say - holy-moly sexy!! The smile, the eyes, the hair, the body... oh yeah, the body (Don't judge. I am that shallow.) And of course the smarts and the charm. Very sexy indeed.

Still feeling a little sick still from my cold - so  a short post. Just so you know I'm not dead yet. :)


  1. I watch Robert on Sharks, he is a compassionate Shark, but when he wants a deal, he gets it! I also saw the show about his mom, very cool. Oh, yeah, he is a hottie too!!

  2. I've never watched Shark Tank, but he seems like he would be compassionate and determined. Compassionate nice guy+smart businessman = Sexy Robert!