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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Atlas Shrugged"

The opening weekend, now two weeks past (I'm a slacker), I went and saw Atlas Shrugged Pt 1. Anyone who knows me, knows Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is my favorite book of all time. You may also remember earlier posts where this is the book that allowed my best friend, H, to guilt me into reading that other book I hated because she's just like that .

Anyways, it's apparently a three part movie, which makes sense since the book is almost 1300 pages long. On the plus side, I think they cast it well (no real big name stars) and the acting was great. This is not an easy book to convert to a movie, but they managed to capture the essence of the book better than I expected. Trust me, while we fans have waited what seems like eons for this movie to be made, we were also worried about the story being corrupted. It wasn't.
On the down side, now I have to wait what will seem like an eternity to see part 2 & 3.

When I saw it, I was with a couple of friends, He is a fan of the book and She has never read it. She thought is was just as terrific as He and I did, so you needn't be a fan or have even read the book to find this a film worth seeing. She is now reading the book, because she wants to know what happens. I couldn't be happier. And as a side note, for anyone who knows - the bracelet (yes - the Reardon steel bracelet) is available for us Rand-geeks to own and yes, I do want it. :)


  1. Atlas Shrugged is one of my father's favorites, as well. I had no idea they made a movie of it. I plan on reading the book, but I'll most likely get to the movie first. Thanks for the review; can't wait to see it!

  2. Thanks, Kim. Hope you enjoy it as much as me and your dad :)