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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me, a book festival, "Zombieland" and a gadget

Wow, back to my slacker ways, I see. What to talk about.... hmmmm...

I went to Tucson, AZ for their Festival of Books. That was terrific. It was free and had a ton of authors there signing books and doing informative panel discussions. So two thumbs up. If you get a chance to go next year, I say do it.

I'm reading a bunch of books right now, but nothing especially noteworthy at the moment.

On the movie front - I saw Zombieland. Can't say I'm a fan of zombies in any form, but I did like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland had a similar irreverent feel to it that was amusing. There were some definite logic flaws you had to sort of overlook, but still, I enjoyed it for the most part.

I got a new gadget for my computer. It's a fan that sits underneath the laptop and keeps it cool. It plugs into an USB port and sends out a blue glow from under my laptop reminiscent of the cars that are all pimped out... kind of cool. Plus it's keeping my laptop cool (Duh - that's its purpose) which is total plus, since that last time I had computer problems, they were heat related. My mom got it for me for Christmas, but didn't find it until yesterday when she was moving her furniture around - funny huh?

Do I seem tired and not my usual perky self to ya'll? I feel tired and not my usual perky self. Sorry. We're having construction work done in the house and it's distracting and disruptive. It will be done soon I guess, but not soon enough :)
'Nuff for now. More soon.


  1. You neglected to mention the "Book Hugger". Also how many free bags we got. Plus the turtle hat, which was the bomb.


    Good times...

  2. I know - I'm getting to the Book Hugger - I will. Give me time. And the books and the bags and the authors and the turtle hat WERE all too cool for school :)