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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Limitless" and "Cleopatra"

With the sad loss of Elizabeth Taylor, one channel was showing Cleopatra all day long. Which I, of course, had to watch. This was the Titanic of its time. Gorgeous, epic, broad in scope and star power and with a wow factor off the charts. When Cleopatra first goes to Rome and is entering the city with all the spectacle, carried in on that ginormous Sphinx? Crazy awesome, right? Right! Not to mention the drama and betrayal and passion and politics - seriously, the four hours it runs keeps you watching. And it holds up over time. You never think - that's cheesy or anything. I actually found myself a little shocked by what they got away with back then. Nudity and sex, so blase' to us now, yet I knew they were probably cutting the edge of censorship at the time. And Elizabeth Taylor - good grief she was a looker and talented... there was one scene especially where she just learned that Marc Antony married someone else and she knocked my socks off - her emotion was so deep and raw. She will be missed. Last night, I saw Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I'm not ashamed to say that while the movie looked cool in concept, I really went to spend 2 hours with Bradley :) Could he be any more smokin' hot - I don't think so. But the movie was really cool too. The premise was interesting and the way they accomplished certain effects was well done. The premise, without giving too much away, is that there is a pill that allows you to use all of your brain, not just the small percentage we normally have accessible to us. So what happens when you have that ability - watch the movie! But, how they displayed time and progress was pretty cool and how they distinguished between normal and uber-aware was also very cool. If Bradley Cooper, the cool premise or the neat effects aren't enough to draw you in - how about Robert DeNiro? He's in it too troops, doing his usual stupendous best. Plus, there's Russian gangsters, murder, and sex. Just go see it, sit back and enjoy - with popcorn.

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