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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's been a different week. On the sad side, I went to my friend's memorial service. His family was awesome. On the productive side, I'm making great progress with my book and sent out some partials. On the NFL side, the Superbowl has been saved because the Green Bay Packers made it. When three of the last four teams playing for a slot were teams I dislike, I was seriously worried the Superbowl would be a total write off. Gratefully, the Packers won and I have a team I like playing.

So, lets talk some TV show frivolity here.
I haven't had a new episode of Supernatural in way too long, but there should be a new one this week. I miss my J's (Jared and Jensen) YAY
I think I only have one more week of Lie to Me before it's the end the season. I loooove Tim Roth, loooove the show, loooove all the characters. Okay, less than love the cop chick.
Human Target is taking its sweet time in giving me some new hunky man action (I count all three guys here), but it's so worth the wait, I forgive. I like the young chick - Ames, but not a fan of Ms. Pucci.
Finally got to see Castle and Beckett kiss on Castle. Yummy! And how delicious is it that Esposito and the M.E. are involved?

On Chase, I love seeing Cole Hauser as a good guy. Seems like he's played his fair share of questionable types in the past. And the gal, Kelli Giddish... big fan. She's hot, gonzo, fearless and whenever the cute bounty hunter dude is around, she's so adorable. I'm holding off on my latest episode since it's a two-parter and I want to watch both back to back.
Enjoying the new NCIS and NCIS:LA episodes. Seriously, what's to say ...they rock.
Soon, the new season of Justified and Memphis Beat will start, something to look forward to: Timothy Olyphant and Jason Lee, respectively.
And the new season of White Collar recently began.

The evenings between me and my DVR and DVDs is what keeps me sane from the intensive mental workout I get writing during the day... Don't judge. : )

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