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Sunday, April 25, 2010

And the movie marathon continues...

I've been feeling a little under under the weather lately which allows my sick addled brain to catch up on movie watching. I frequently seek out movies for my DVR to capture for a variety of reasons....I think it actually looks good, it has some actor/actress in it that I like whether it's good or not, it's a natural disaster flick (we've discussed this before), it's a romance of some type, and a host of other dubious reasons. So, on with the fun.

Journey to the Center of the Earth with Greg Evigan (again...I know). This was equally as cheesy and bad as 100 Million BC which, you may recall from the last post, he was also in. He had a larger part in this one, the soldiers this time were all girls, it still had dinosaurs, it still had science of a dubious nature, land lots of people die, but the special effects were minimally better. It is based on the Jules Verne story, but there are far better versions unless you just want to spend your time watching military chicks in skimpy tank tops being attacked by giant beasties in the prehistoric center of our earth. Not sure I would bother.

Prince Valiant with a really young and hunky Robert Wagner, James Mason and Janet Leigh from 1954....I know....how cool - huh? It was awesome! Robert Wagner had this terrible wig that was always - always - perfectly coiffed. If you remember the old newspaper comics the movie was based on, you'll know the style I'm talkin' about. James Mason was looking pretty good too. I really got into it too - vikings in King Arthur's court - a definite check it out.

A Sound of Thunder with Ed Burns (yummy) and based on a Ray Bradbury story. This one I'd seen before when it first came out in 2005 but it's good enough I wanted to see it again. This is about a company that takes people back in time to kill a dinosaur. The First Rule of time travel - don't change anything. The Second Rule of time travel - if you do and time waves start changing the future which is your present then figure out what that change was quick and fix it before humans turn into some funky creatures. This one is pretty good.

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