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Friday, November 14, 2014

Cell Phones... techy little things that they are

So, last Friday I dropped my cell phone. I've dropped it before. It has a protective case that's a little beat up, but it has always come through for me. My Samsung Galaxy s3 intact. But last Friday not so much. I think my s3 was feeling unloved.

I've been doing a lot of cell phone shopping lately. Not for me, mind you. For others. I was perfectly happy with my phone. Loved my phone. In that platonic, machine-loving way. Anywho, my phone, I believe, was feeling unloved because of all this cell phone shopping energy I was putting out. So, Friday - a random slip of my hand and my cell phone goes down in a parking lot. I firmly believe it jumped. I'm not worried until I pick her up and her glass is shattered. She hit right on the corner in the perfect spot to pop the case off and spiderweb the screen. She still worked - thankfully. But she was broken.

I was managing. Using her and getting by. Looking into ways to replace the glass screen, but now her battery was running down uber fast too. Screen replacement was not going to be cheap and if I had to get a new battery too - might as well get a new phone. I told her - my phone - I wasn't shopping for another phone to replace her. I told her I was happy with her, that she didn't need to do that... but it was too late. :(

So, last night I got a Galaxy s5. Now, I'm having to go thru all that initial romance stuff, where you get used to one another, figure out the little things that matter and those that don't. It's early. I really like this phone too. I'll love her soon, but it's early.

There are things I like better already and things that will grow on me. Some are just changing an existing habit since they moved things around. Like the menu button.

The moral of this story is that you need to tell your phone you love them every so often. Reassure them of your affection so they don't commit suicide. Really. Really really. Not kidding!


  1. Law of Attraction..YOU gotta be clear!! Betsy is in the cloud now...and perfect again!