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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Green Lantern" and "Escanaba in da Moonlight"

Some people were panning The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds, but I enjoyed it. I liked the special effects and all the actors. Peter Sarsgaard was really good as a bad guy. I didn't even recognize Mark Strong as Sinestro or Blake Lively with dark hair... my mad skills are failing me . Anyway - I liked it. It was a nice blend of action, special effects, humor, and heart. I'm easy to please, I think we all know this by now :)

So, I'll just say, if you thought you wanted to see it - do.

Now, I was directed to a movie by a friend because it depicted life in the U.P. and he used to live there. What's the U.P.? It's the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan. Seriously - I didn't even know that part of the state was there... go figure. Apparently they talk with an accent that's a cross between the MacKenzie brother's Canadian and Fargo's Minnesota-speak. It was co-written by, directed by and starred in by Jeff Daniels. I truly laughed out loud. If you like dumb humor - this is so for you. Just trust me.

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